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Optimized Settings for the DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Have you been flying your Mavic Pro I and enjoyed taking video and photos? Me too! In this post I like to share the settings I use for this little drone. Because with a few smart configuration tips you can film amazing footage. I spend some time researching the internet and experimenting in the field to come up with a bunch of optimised settings.

Mavic Pro Drone

These settings are mainly for filming with the Mavic, original edition. Keep in mind these settings work great for me but might not suit your needs for certain situations. I only list the parameters I have tweaked relative to the factory settings.

This is a work in progress. In time I will most probably alter these settings. I will update this post in the future!

Main Controller Settings for the Mavic

Advanced Settings

  • EXP Settings:
    • Throttle Up: 0,20
    • Rudder Right: 0,20
    • Forward/Right: 0,20
  • Sensivity
    • Attitude: 100
    • Brake: 130
    • Yaw Movement Limit: 50
  • Gain
    • All at 100

Remote Controller Settings

C1: Center Auto Focus

C2: Toggle Map/Live View

Upper: Camera Forward/Down

Lower: Camera Forward/Down

Left: AE Lock

Right: Focusing/Metering

Gimbal Settings

Gimbal Mode: Follow

Advanced Settings

  • Gimbal Speed: 3
  • Upwards Gimbal Tilt: off
  • Gimbal Pitch Smoothness: 22
  • Synchronized Gimbal Pan Follow: on

Video Settings for better results

Mavic Pro drone in de luchtWhenever possible film with Manual settings. ISO should be as low as possible and shutter speed close to 1/50th. Therefore use an ND filter outside, it really improves your footage. Polar Pro makes really good ND filters for the Mavic Pro.

  1. When filming on auto exposure: first have the Mavic adjust exposure for a certain scene, lock the AE and only then start filming.
  2. In many cases it is a good idea to correct the exposure with -0,3, the Mavic tends to over expose a little.
  3. Don’t use higher framerates or slow motion. It doesn’t look good.

HD acquisition:  use 2.7K (either 24 or 25 fps dependent on NTSC or PAL area) looks best.

4K acquisition: 4K 3840×2160 (either 24 or 25 fps dependent on NTSC or PAL area)

Video Format: MOV

NTSC/PAL: PAL for Europe

White Balance: whenever possible choose a fixed white balance.

Style: Custom  +1  -1  -1

Color: D-Cinelike

Histogram: ON

Grid: Grid Lines

Here is a great video with more info to video settings for the Mavic.


There it is. Any questions or remarks? Feel free to use the comments below!

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