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Sony FS5 Picture Profile Settings

Dear FS5 owners. I spend some time to develop a picture profile setting. I stored the profile in PP6. I did some extensive tests with vectorscope software, a lot of testclips and I went out to do real world testing.

Picture profiles are sensitive to personal preference. I tried to make a nicely color balanced, not too oversaturated and normal skin tone looking profile. Something that looks balanced out of the box and still give you room in post production in case you want to do some color correcting and grading.

For more backgound info watch this detailed video on YouTube.

Revised 2-7-2016: tweaked a few of the color settings

Update 11 February 2017: updated the Picture Profile

Update 29 March 2018: some tweaks

Picture Profile Settings PP6

In the FS-5 camera there are 9 default profile settings available. Setting 7, 8 and 9 are typical S-Log settings and when using these, you need to spend some time in post processing to get them look good.

The other settings 1 through 6 are more common. You can use them ‘out of the box’. Your footage will look more or less all right with reasonable good colors.

But the default settings are not optimized. I see some slight color casts, skin tones are not just spot on, white balance can be a little off and most of the settings are oversaturated. 

Optimized Picture Profile Setting FS5

I made some slight tweaks. This is what I came up with. This is a work in progress! With more testing I might revise this information so be sure to check back in a while.


Black Level -1

Gamma CINE 3 and sometimes CINE 4 or CINE 1*)

Black gamma RANGE MIDDLE and  LEVEL 0

Knee AUTO (default) and Auto SET MAX POINT 95%, SENSIVITY MIDDLE

Color Mode CINEMA

Saturation +1

Color Phase 0

Color Depth R=0 G=-1 B=-1 and C=0 M=0 Y=0

Color Correction OFF

WB Shift Filter Type LB-CC, LB 0 and CC 0

Detail +2 —> this is personal, you might want to set this to -7 and do only sharpening in post production.


*) Note:

The gamma determines how the dynamic range of the sensor is processed. The CINE (Cinegamma) settings give a nice wide dynamic range. There are 4 versions to choose from:

  • CINE 1 - For very bright light situations (goes up to 110%) like outdoor, sunlight
  • CINE 2 - Just like CINE 1 except it goes only to 100% (use only if you need broadcast safe exposure)
  • CINE 3 - This one I use the most and is suited for general shooting and for both inside and outside use (goes up to 110%)
  • CINE 4 - Seems to be better in low light situation (goes up to 110%)

Exposing with the CINE gammas should be done a tiny bit darker than you would normally do. Skin tones are usually around 65%. Use the Zebra 1 function for this if you want.


You need a video?

Need help with a video production? I'm an independent videomaker based in the Netherlands and available for your next project. Please have a look at my portfolio or just contact me directly!

General settings

Some random general settings to make life easier with the FS5:

  • ISO/GAIN SEL --> set this to GAIN (dB) because every gamma has a different ISO native sensitivity, hard to remember this, easier to just use dB
  • Set the gain switch to 0dB, 3dB and 9dB
  • This camera gives the best footage when working in HD: it records HD in 4:2:2 instead of 4K with is working with 4:2:0 8-bit recording.
  • Do not use S-log in 4K 8-bit: too much compression.
  • Choose S-Log 3 over S-Log 2 if you can.
  • Set the ND filter to variable
  • Set zebra 1 on 65% (skin tone exposure) and zebra 2 on 100% (avoiding overexposure). You can view only one zebra at once in your viewfinder. I use zebra 2.
  • Once in a while perform a black balance (must be dark with lens cap on).
  • AGC limit on 12dB
  • Shutter 180 - when you have flickering from LED lights and computerscreens you can dial in a slower shutter speed like 300 or 360
  • Usually I record with 25fps. When you want to be able to slow down a clip in post, you can use 50fps but with the disadvantage of consuming more bandwidth for the extra frames.

These are the settings I came up with. You can use them if you like. I would love to hear your feedback on this picture profile. But please: if you repost this information elsewhere on the internet, go ahead. It would be great if you mentioned my name with a hyperlink to this site. Thank you!



nice work,i test your pp is nice


Thanks for sharing your profiles. What do you think is the easiest way to switch between CINE 3 and CINE 4, when going from outside to inside? Copy all settings to PP5 and PP6, with PP5 set to CINE 3 and PP6 set to CINE, and switch between the two?

Yes that would be an easy way to achieve that. Most of my shoots I use CINE3.

Good job !
I've just tested your profile - the skin tones are much more pleasing indeed
Thanks for sharing :)

I just used your setting on a corporate gig. It looked great. Thanks for posing this!

Do you have any video samples? Have an Fs5 arriving next week and when I was renting I was quite disappointed in the profiles I used.

Hey, thanks for posting these tweaked settings, I appreciate that. I already applied them to my FS5 and they're looking good.

Hey! Your PP6 lookes great. Do you have any suggested profile for SLOG? Thanks!

Nope sorry, currently I don't really use Slog on the FS5. But if I do I will make a blogpost about it.

Thanks for sharing! Ill give it a go and let you know.

Looks are great. Questionnaires. Zebra 2 105 %. How i must use it. Clear white? Tips?

Hi Erwin!
I'm still on a never-ending search for a good all-around picture profile and so stumbled upon your site. You mention that you have updated your settings but didn't have time to update the page yet. Anyway, if you would, that'd be great!

Indeed a never ending search. I will update but haven't found the time at the moment!

Edwin, I see that in PP6, the FS5 is totally different to the 7R mk2.
I thought that the sensors were the same.

Only, that the sensor of the 7R mk2 has much more pixels.
Should te sensor of the 7S mk2 be, about the same?
And has the same positions as in the FS5?

Good job! Would your skin tone work well for black skins? How do you advice I tweak the settings to achieve better black skin tones?

Good question. On only a few occasions I recorded a dark skin tone and that produced good results, but it probably could be improved with other settings. 

Have you tried the 2020 HLG PP10 yet? Any thoughts?

No, not yet!

Hey thanks for the settings! I saw the two clips you posted with these settings from YouTube. Was that with natural lighting? And how was your white balance set? Every time I go to white balance on something white, all the warmth comes out and skin looks too pale. I haven’t tried these settings yet, but will soon.

Can you add looks to these settings? Like a film convert out or a magic bullet look?

Try these profile settings and then do your white balance on a grey card (not white!) for better results.

Hi, I am really messed up with these colour profiles, I have a new (second hand) fs5 and I can't even get a shot to look as good as my go pro...! Really disappointed , I'm wondering why . when I shoot video with my A7 S, Without any profile at all, I get a fab image and don't have to touch it...! I was expecting the fs5 to be the same. I know that's a bit of
a ramble but any help appreciated, thanks in advance.

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