Behind the scenes: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Ground To Air

It has been while since my previous Schiphol videoclip last year. It generated quite some positive feedback. So for a long time I've been planning a second video. And it's finished! In this blogpost I give you a quick glimpse behind the scenes.


These short video teasers of the runway activity at Schiphol are fun to make. It is an excellent way to show off what can be done with some proper camera and editing work. I show it to many (potential) clients as an example. It is promotional material.

The RED Scarlet at sunrise with 200mm lens...

This new Schiphol video is shot on Red Scarlet in 4K with Nikon lenses. The first shots were made on September 20 and shooting went on till December 18. We have endured snow, cold and rain to get the most spectacular images from around the airport.

In addition to the video footage we made 2 time-lapses with a Nikon D300. 

Nowadays it is getting more difficult to find interesting viewing spots around the airport. Viewing and enjoying the aircraft during take-off and landing seems to be suppressed by all means. Most of the airport is fenced, parking is banned (except for 2 remote parking spots) and numerous prohibitions are in place and enforced by local police.

And I can tell now from personal experience that it's no fun to park your car 2 km away and lumping around with a 10Kg camera on your shoulder with support hardware in a backpack.

After these 3 months of shooting you generate a LOT of videoclips. And only the very best clips survived the editing process.


I started the editing with choosing the right music. Very important! You might want to know which music track I used. Well, it's not really an existing piece. It is an assembled compilation of 6 pieces from stock music libraries (some of them are available on iTunes). Carefully combined. Since I know a thing or two about music, I added some extra layers of instruments to the mix to give the music extra depth: an additional piano part, extra strings and some deep low percussion.


With the music in place the next thing you do is selecting the most beautiful clips and put them on the timeline. We use Final Cut Pro X and this video is edited with native R3D files.

Slowly you populate all the gaps in the timeline with clips. You try out interesting combinations of shots, and you throw them away if it doesn't look right. It's a big puzzle. But after 3 days you have a first cut.

This first version was a bit over 3 minutes long. After letting it rest for a few days I decided to chop 40 seconds away and make the video shorter. The process of polishing commences.

Selecting and trimming the right clips...

Lots of hours go into the special effects. The light leaks, the flash effects, the 'artistic noise', the title graphics etc.

Color correcting and grading

Straight out of the camera most videoclips look flat and lifeless. That's what color correction & grading is for. You tweak the colors, exposure and saturation just until everything looks beautiful.

Before and after grading - a bit more sunrise mood

More before and after...


Audio effects & sound bed

Audio is 80% of the fun. So I've added all kinds of swipes and swooshes to enhance the many visual effects in the video.

I recorded some take-off and landing sounds separately and added this to the audio mix. Together with a few snippets of live ATC chatter.

All those tiny green blocks are sound effects...

The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Ground To Air video in numbers:

  • 521 Gb of raw video footage
  • 13 days of shooting in a period of 3 months
  • 2'30 final result
  • 65 clips used
  • 91 sound effects

And there you have the final result:



Erwin van Dijck is an independant video producer, cameraman and editor in the Netherlands. With many years experience in the video production field, he helps companies with producing their internet videos, promo’s, event impressions, client testimonials etc.

He is available for your next video project. For more info: contact!



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